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How It Works

Built on the cutting-edge of
payment processing technology.

Since launching in 2002, RTPAY has created innovative solutions for more than 11,000 retail partners that want to offer their customers more. We manage more than 9 million transactions a month. That kind of efficiency is only possible with an industry-leading payment processing platform.


Our Powerful Platform

At the foundation of RTPAY is a payment processing platform that leverages an infinitely scalable server. This platform gives an ever-expanding roster of service providers the ability to collect payments, including cash payments, through their retail partners.

Versatile Capabilities

The RTPAY platform was custom-designed from the ground up, giving us the ability to shape and fit it to meet the needs of individual retailers and providers.

Easily Compatible

We work hand-in-hand with our retail partners to deliver a customized solution that meets all of their needs. Our software works with almost every current system, regardless of whether the connection is dial-up or broadband. We provide our partners with a complete application and interface that can be customized to the requirements of any retailer or provider.