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How We Help

Creating opportunities within new
and existing businesses.

Using a powerful payment processing platform, RTPAY can turn a retail location into a payment destination for consumers with bills for a growing roster of providers. Those transactions, along with several of our other services, can quickly expand a retailer’s business.

Driving Revenue

Our versatile payment processing platform creates multiple revenue opportunities for our agents.

  • Agents collect a convenience fee for each payment processed. When you have as large a roster of service providers as we do, those fees add up fast.


  • Our proprietary retail products give agents the ability to collect a substantial commission on all gross sales.


  • Prepaid PINs for all major wireless carriers, made capable by our platform, give agents yet another easy way to drive revenue.

Extensive Reporting

On the back end of our platform is a sophisticated reporting engine that generates on-demand data, including transaction reports, comparative data and trends. All of our partners have access to a fully customizable report of their payment processing and sales activities. With that information comes the ability to give consumers what they want.

Constant Service

Our customer service agents are available Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 11 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 7:30 pm. Bilingual customer service agents are available upon request. Every agent is capable of solving any kind of problem that might come up, from PC issues to general troubleshooting.