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State Resale Certificate Forms

Provide RTPAY with a valid and appropriate
Resale Certificate.

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions agreement with RTPAY, it is your responsibility to provide RTPAY with a valid and appropriate Resale Certificate for the distribution/sales of any applicable products.

In order to facilitate the application process we have provided you with the respective State Resale Certificate Forms.*


  • Locate your state in the list below. Click on the corresponding link to access the form, if applicable.
  • Fill out the required information (for your convenience, we have pre-filled the Seller as RTPAY).
  • Sign and Date the form electronically and Email to [email protected]


1. Alabama
2. Alaska
3. Arizona
4. Arkansas
5. California
6. Colorado
7. Connecticut
8. Delaware
9. District of Colombia
10. Florida
11. Georgia
12. Hawaii
13. Idaho
14. Illinois
15. Indiana
16. Iowa
17. Kansas
18. Kentucky
19. Louisiana
20. Maine
21. Maryland
22. Massachusetts
23. Michigan
24. Minnesota
25. Mississippi
26. Missouri


1. Multijurisdiction Form
2. No State Sales Tax
3. State Form
4. State Form
5. No State Sales Tax
6. State Form
7. State Form
8. No State Sales Tax
9. State Form
10. State Form
11. State Form
12. State Form
13. State Form
14. State Form
15. State Form
16. State Form
17. State Form
18. State Form
19. State Form
20. Multijurisdiction Form
21. State Form
22. State Form
23. State Form
24. State Form
25. State Form
26. State Form


27. Montana
28. Nebraska
29. Nevada
30. New Hampshire
31. New Jersey
32. New Mexico
33. New York
34. North Carolina
35. North Dakota
36. Ohio
37. Oklahoma
38. Oregon
39. Pennsylvania
40. Puerto Rico
41. Rhode Island
42. South Carolina
43. South Dakota
44. Tennessee
45. Texas
46. Utah
47. Vermont
48. Virginia
49. Washington
50. West Virginia
51. Wisconsin
52. Wyoming


27. State Form
28. Multijurisdiction Form
29. State Form
30. No State Sales Tax
31. State Form
32. State Form
33. State Form
34. State Form
35. Multijurisdiction Form
36. State Form
37. Multijurisdiction Form
38. No State Sales Tax
39. State Form
40. State Form
41. State Form
42. State Form
43. State Form
44. State Form
45. State Form
46. State Form
47. State Form
48. State Form
49. No State Sales Tax
50. State Form
51. State Form
52. State Form


1. Canada (Multi Province)


Notice to Prospective Dealers:

By entering into a Terms and Conditions agreement with RTPAY, you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for complying with all applicable state and federal laws, including paying all applicable state and local taxes imposed on the distribution/sales of applicable products. You also acknowledge and agree that you may be required to complete a State Resale Certificate and forward it to RTPAY.
RTPAY is not responsible for taxes you are legally required to pay or collect from consumers at the point of sale. RTPAY does not warrant the operation and validity of the resale certificate. It is your responsibility to provide RTPAY with a valid and appropriate “Resale Tax Exemption Certificate,” to demonstrate under applicable law that products sold and delivered to you are delivered for resale in the ordinary course of business and, therefore, not subject to sales or other applicable tax, if any, at the time of sale from RTPAY to you.
To facilitate the application process, we have provided blank resale certificates for your usage, including the multijurisdictional resale certificate used by 38 participating States and other single State-specific certificates.